Who’s Winning the NBA Finals?

The 2017 NBA Finals are over, and the Golden State Warriors are the champions! But who’s really winning? We break down the numbers to find out.

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The teams

The teams that are playing in the NBA Finals are the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors. The Warriors are from the Western Conference and the Raptors are from the Eastern Conference.

The players

The players are the ones who have sacrifice so much to be where they are. They have worked tirelessly day in and day out to be the best players they can be. Thes are the guys who are out there on the court playing their hearts out for their team, their city, and their fans. They are the ones who deserve to win the NBA Finals.

The fans

The fans are always the ones who win in the end, no matter who takes home the championship trophy. They’re the ones who keep coming back, year after year, to support their team through thick and thin. So while the players may be the ones battling it out on the court, it’s the fans who are the real winners of the NBA Finals.

The coaches

In most professional sports, the head coach is the key figure in a team’s success. He or she is responsible for game strategy, player development and managing egos. In the NBA, that’s especially true because the league is filled with superstar players who sometimes need to be managed as much as coached.

This year’s NBA Finals feature two of the league’s best coaches in Steve Kerr of the Golden State Warriors and Tyronn Lue of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Both men have been successful in their careers, but they’re different in both style and substance.

Kerr is a former player who won five championships with the Chicago Bulls and San Antonio Spurs. He’s known as a laid-back guy who allows his players to play with freedom. Lue, on the other hand, is a fiery coach who demands a lot from his players. He’s also known for being very close to LeBron James, which could be an advantage in this series.

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So far, Kerr has had more success in his career than Lue. He has a higher winning percentage (.733) and has won more championships (5-1). Lue, meanwhile, has a lower winning percentage (.667) but has won more playoff games (18-16).

In this year’s Finals, Kerr has the better team on paper. The Warriors are loaded with talent, including two-time MVP Stephen Curry and All-Stars Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson. The Cavaliers are also talented, but they don’t have nearly as much depth as the Warriors.

The coaching matchup will be one to watch in this series, and it could be the difference in who wins it all.

The commentators

The commentators for the NBA Finals are often nearly as important as the players. They provide analysis and context for the game, and their commentary can make or break a viewer’s experience. So, who are the commentators for this year’s Finals?

The league

As the NBA Finals come to a close, let’s take a look at which teams have been the most successful over the years. The Golden State Warriors are currently in the lead, with a total of 3 championships under their belt. The Cleveland Cavaliers are second, with 2 championships. The San Antonio Spurs have also been quite successful, with a total of 5 championships.

The sponsors

The NBA Finals are not only a time to crown a champion; it’s also a chance for companies to score big with their product placements and ad campaigns. From Nike and Samsung to H&M and Beats by Dre, some of the world’s biggest brands are vying for your attention during the championship series. So who’s winning the battle for your eyeballs?

We took a closer look at some of the most talked-about NBA Finals ads to see which ones are generating the most buzz.

Nike’s “Dream Crazy” ad, featuring Colin Kaepernick, is still going strong, thanks in part to its timely message about overcoming obstacles. The spot has generated nearly 30 million views on YouTube since it debuted in September, and it was named Adweek’s Spot of the Week earlier this month.

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Samsung, meanwhile, is looking to score points with its #DoWhatYouCant campaign, which features various NBA stars talking about how they use the company’s Galaxy smartphone to stay connected with family and fans. The spot has racked up more than 2 million views on YouTube since it launched last week.

H&M is also getting in on the action with its “For Every Victory” campaign, which includes a series of ads starring LeBron James and other NBA stars. The ads have been well-received, scoring nearly 10 million views on YouTube since they debuted earlier this month.

Beats by Dre is also capitalizing on the hype around the NBA Finals with its #SoloSelfie campaign, which encourages fans to take selfies with their headphones. The campaign has generated more than 2 million views on YouTube since it launched last week.

The media

The NBA Finals are underway, and the nation is glued to their television sets to see which team will come out on top. But who’s really winning this year? The answer may surprise you.

It’s not the Golden State Warriors or the Cleveland Cavaliers. It’s not even the players or the coaches. The real winner of this year’s NBA Finals is the media.

Whether it’s the live broadcast of the games, the post-game analysis, or the never-ending stream of highlights and storylines on social media, the media has been capitalizing on the NBA Finals in a big way. And with ratings for Game 1 setting a new record for ABC, it’s clear that America is tuning in more than ever before.

So enjoy the rest of the Finals, but don’t forget who’s really coming out on top in this year’s battle for supremacy.

The referees

The NBA Finals are underway, and thus far, the referees seem to be winning. In Game 1, there were a staggering 41 fouls called, and in Game 2, there were 37. That’s an average of almost two per minute. The players are clearly struggling to adjust to the officiating, and it’s taking away from the quality of the games.

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This is not to say that the referees are doing a bad job. They’re simply enforcing the rules as they’ve been instructed to do. The problem is that the rules are too stringent and need to be relaxed in order for the players to be able to compete at their best. Let’s hope that the league can come to a resolution on this matter soon, because right now, the fans are the ones losing out.

The history

The NBA Finals is the championship series of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Prior to 1949, the playoffs were instituted a three-stage tournament where the two best teams from each division competed against each other in the playoffs. The winner of each divisional playoff series advanced to the finals. In 1949, the NBA created a new rule that allowed a team to qualify for the playoffs if it finished the regular season in first place in its division, regardless of its win-loss record. This rule was known as the ‘regular season champion rule’ and it was in effect until 1966. From 1967 onwards, the NBA used a playoff system where four teams from each conference qualified for the playoffs. The four teams were seeded based on their regular season records. The team with the best record was seeded first, followed by the team with the second-best record and so on. In each conference, the two teams with the best records would face each other in one semifinal series while the other two teams would face each other in the other semifinal series. The winners of both semifinals series would then face each other in the conference finals.

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