2016 NBA Draft Preview: 2/3 Wings

I’ve been a bit lazy with my writing this spring, so I’m going to try and crank out big positional breakdowns for 2/3 wings, 3/4 wings, 4/5 bigs, and true centers in the next few days before the draft. Hopefully, I will get through all of those and still have time to post my big board before draft night. As I did with point guardsI’m going to first examine these players in order of their DraftExpress rankings, then, I will rank them in my own order. Continue reading


Prospect Outlook: Denzel Valentine

Prospect Outlook: Denzel Valentine

(If you want to read a more traditional scouting report I would suggest looking at Upside & Motor, where some of my own writing is featured,  DraftExpress, or Ed Isaacson’s Hoops Habit NBA Draft Blog. This site instead focuses on my personal conclusions on each prospect and my thought process behind those conclusions.)

Denzel Valentine was someone I saw as a sleeper in the draft community last year, and was liked by draft models, but I still did not expect him to burst into the lottery conversation this season. However, after watching him more closely this year, his current placement of 18th in DraftExpress’s mock draft and 25th on Chad Ford’s big board still feels a little low.

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