2016 NBA Draft Full Big Board

I’ll have a few thoughts at the bottom, but this post is mostly about just getting my big board up. For extended thoughts on my rankings/specific players you should read the positional breakdowns I’ve released over the past week.

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2016 NBA Draft Preview: Top Point Guards

Instead of dividing up my thoughts on the point guards in this year’s class into segmented posts on different guys I figured I’d just combine into one overly-long piece of writing. Every player should be evaluated independently on what their NBA future could be, but when it comes to decision making on draft day it is all about comparing that projection to the other players around him. Therefore, I will try and give both individual and comparative analysis for all the point guards I see as draft relevant. I’m going to go player by player by DraftExpress’s rankings to do my analysis before re-ordering into my rankings at the end. Continue reading