2016 NBA Draft Preview: 2/3 Wings

I’ve been a bit lazy with my writing this spring, so I’m going to try and crank out big positional breakdowns for 2/3 wings, 3/4 wings, 4/5 bigs, and true centers in the next few days before the draft. Hopefully, I will get through all of those and still have time to post my big board before draft night. As I did with point guardsI’m going to first examine these players in order of their DraftExpress rankings, then, I will rank them in my own order. Continue reading


Draft Breakdown: Buddy Hield vs. Caris Levert

The two senior shooting guards came into their last year of college with varying expectations. Levert was seen as a likely first rounder in the 15-20 range while Hield was considered an early second rounder at best. Since then, things have changed dramatically. Hield might be the current NPOY candidate and has leaped right into the same range as Levert. DraftExpress currently projects Levert at 20th in their most recent mock and Hield 22nd. Chad Ford moved Hield all the way up to 15th in his latest mock and has Levert sitting just behind him at 18th. Continue reading