Nba Youngboy Kickstand Lyrics

The lyrics of Youngboy Never Broke Again’s “Kickstand” tell the story of a man who has been through some tough times. The song is about how he was able to overcome his obstacles, and now is able to live his life on his terms.

The kickstand lyrics youngboy genius is a song by rapper YoungBoy Never Broke Again. The song was released in 2015 and has received more than 1 million views on YouTube.

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Hey there blog readers! If you’re a fan of the NBA Youngboy then this is the post for you. I’ve compiled some of the best lyrics from his latest single, “Kickstand” and put them all together in one place for your convenience. So if you’re looking to learn more about this rising star then be sure to check out these lyrics!

NBA Youngboy – All I Need Lyrics

I don’t need no money, I just need my youngin’

With me, that’s all I need (all I need)

She just want some diamond chains and a couple rings (oh yeah)

All this ice on me got her feelin’ like a king (ice on me, oh)

And she say she love the way it drip (drip), drip (drip), drip (’cause she love the way it drip)

Bitch, you know what it is when you see the whip (whip), whip (whip), whip (’cause you know what it is when you see the whip)

I might pull up in somethin’ foreign with them sticks (yeah, ooh)
If I’m ridin’, then that mean we gettin’ high today
All these bitches tryna fuck ’cause they know who I am
They be lookin’ at my diamonds thinkin’, “Damn”
I can have any bitch that I damn please
Got a pocket full of cash and it’s all for my seed
Never goin’ back to broke days, no sir
We was eatin’ off plates with no forks or knives

NBA Youngboy – My Shawty Lyrics

I need my shawty, I can’t live without her

She’s all I need, she’s everything to me

Without her by my side, I just can’t breathe

She’s my air, she keeps me alive

I love her so much, I can’t imagine life without her

She’s the one I want to be with forever

There’s no one else that could ever take her place

In my heart, she holds the key

And I know that as long as we’re together, we’ll always be happy

NBA Youngboy – Wap Wap Lyrics

I’m in my zone, I’m feeling like a king

And all these hoes, they just my followers

They do whatever I say, they ain’t got no choice

I pull up in that foreign, make that motherfucker wap wap

Wap wap, lil’ bitch get on your knees and worship me (ayy)

Wap wap (woo), all this money got me feeling cocky (all this money)

All these bands, lil’ bitch put ’em all on me (brr)

I can buy your whole hood and turn it to a projects (yeah)

You was frontin’ on me when you didn’t have no profit (frontin’)

Now we poppin’, fill the pot up with some watercress (pot full) Now we cookin’, better hope it don’t boil over

NBA Youngboy – Kickstand Lyrics

I just want my shawty, all I need

She keep me up, she gon’ make me bleed

Wap wap, she get it wetter than the sea

Make that ass clap, she gon’ make me leave

With that WAP WAP, got a nigga weak

In the DM’s like “Come and get this meet”

I pull up in the Wraith playing “Kickstand”

Bitch I’m tryna fuck you in the backseat

NBA Youngboy – All I Need Genius Lyrics

All I need is a lil’ bit of money and a whole lotta weed

I can have your girl, she can have my seed

With no strings attached, no ring on her finger

Just me and her in the back doing our thang

And we can smoke all day, get high off life

No worries on our mind, just living for the moment

And when it’s all said and done, we’ll still be friends

‘Cause that’s all we need, just me and my shawty

NBA Youngboy – My Shawty Genius Lyrics:

My shawty so bad, she deserve a trophy (Bad)

She runnin’ the game, she don’t need no coach (Game)

Her body so good, make a nigga go broke (Body)

She told me what she want and I coped her them things (Shopping)

Nowadays, it seem like everybody got they hand out (Everybody) Beggin’ for favors or some type of payback (Ooh) I ain’t with that shit ’cause I know where I’m at (Nah) And plus I got what you lackin’, oh Yeah You think you really know but you really don’t know nothin’ (‘Bout me) All this ice on my neck and my wrist? They cost somethin’, yeah Ain’t gon’ never let nobody stop me from shinin’, oh Took too many losses to count But see through the bullshit and focus on profit Gotta stay 10 toes down ’til they bury me in caskets Haters talk down but they cannot break us

NBA Youngboy – My Shawty Genius Lyrics

I need my shawty, I can’t live without her

She’s all I need, she’s everything to me

My shawty is the one that keeps me going

She’s my everything, and I can’t do without her

I love my shawty, and I know she loves me too

She’s always there for me when I need her

And I know that I can always count on her

No matter what happens in this life, My Shawty will always be there for me.

NBA Youngboy – Wap Wap Genius Lyrics

All I need is my shawty by my side

She can have that wap wap, she can have that kickstand

I’ma ride for her, die for her, all this love is crazy

I swear to God I gotta be the one that save her

From them cold nights when nobody wanna hold ya

And from them cold nights when you need some shoulder

Just know I gotchu boo, just know I gotchu

You don’t need nobody else but me in your life

Girl you perfect, and I ain’t even gotta lie

And if he tryna test us we gon’ let ’em die by the side of the road nahh

Knew from the start that you was different (Oh yeah)

Ain’t never had to wonder where your loyalty lies (No no)

You a real rider, and I admire your drive (Mmhm) Just know it’s all good whenever you decide (Yeah) Baby you don’t gotta worry ’bout a thing (Nahhh) Gotchu wrapped around my fingers like some bling (Bling bling) Promise I’ma always keep it real with you (Real with you) You don’t need nobody else but me in your life

NBA Youngboy – Kickstand Genius Lyrics

All I need is a kickstand

I just need my shawty by my side

Wap wap, all this money on me

I’m ’bout to go get high

NBA Youngboy is talking about his material possessions and how they mean nothing without his “shawty” or girlfriend by his side. He’s saying that all he needs is a kickstand (something to lean on) and she will make everything better. He also mentions getting high, which could be interpreted as a reference to drugs or simply enjoying life to the fullest.

The “life support lyrics” are a song by Nba Youngboy. The song has been released on his mixtape “”.

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