Nba Youngboy Gangsta Lyrics

Youngboy Gangsta, born Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, is an American rapper and hip hop artist. He is best known for his 2017 song “I’m Young” which peaked at number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States.

The nba youngboy – gangsta ft quando rondo is a song by rapper nba youngboy. The lyrics of the song are about his life as a gangster in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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NBA Youngboy – No Switch Lyrics

I been had a lot of money, I ain’t switchin’ up (No switch)

Ain’t no tellin’ what I might do (What I might do)

But I promise not to do it to you (To you)

I got a pocket full of cash and a pocket full of ass (Ass, ass)

And my trigger finger itchin’, so don’t make me itch it (Don’t make me itch it)

I’ma keep it real with you, I don’t gotta pretend (Pretend)

I know you’re feelin’ me ’cause your body feel the tension

(Tension, yeah)

Expensive Taste NBA Youngboy Lyrics

I got an expensive taste, I’m not gonna lie (No, no)

I might hit your girl, have her callin’ me “daddy” (Oh yeah)

I’m in the fast lane, goin’ about a hundred (Skrrt)

You can have them other niggas, they ain’t nothin’ to me (Ayy)

I just bought a Rollie, it don’t even fit my wrist (Ooh)

And I might pull up at yo’ crib just to fuck on yo’ bitch (Just to fuck on her)

All this money, all this cash

Got me thinkin’, yes sir (Oh Lord, yeah)

Yeah, I got an expensive taste (Taste), yeah

Tryna live better than these niggas that be lyin’ to they face (Face)

They say they gon’ do it but they never do it how we do it (Do it)

Bitch I’m from the bottom now my pockets stay fat like obesity (Fattest nigga alive)

(Switch up on ’em)

Spend a lot of money out in Paris then we touch down in Dubai\Bought aprivate jet so you know that we gon’ fly high\Money long so when she come she bring her best friend\Two bad bitches and they both ridin’ on my dick again\Rack after rack fill up the whole back end\We was broke as fuck but look at us now my nigga we made it mane\Yeahhh switch up on ’em!

Rock Peace NBA Youngboy Lyrics Genius

No Switch NBA Youngboy


I don’t need no switch, I could do this with my eyes closed

Prove it, I’ma show you what I’m ’bout

I might pull up in a foreign, I might cop me a Porsche

I might just hop out and shoot something with no force

You know I keep that thang on me, so you know it’s gon’ hurt

And if we beefing then we beefing, there ain’t no reversing

That’s on blood, that’s on G

expensive taste nba youngboy lyrics:

Money can buy anything except respect and love. So even though you may have an expensive taste, at the end of the day, it won’t buy you happiness.

NBA Youngboy – Snow Bunny Lyrics

I’m trying to stay awake, I’m trying to stay alive

I ain’t trying to die today, I ain’t trying to die

I’m just tryna get high, I’m just tryna get by

Just tryna get paid, just tryna survive

And all this snow is falling and it’s cold as ice

But I can’t feel it ’cause my heart is made of stone

And I’m so numb from all this hurt that I can’t feel no more

All I know is pain, all I feel is rain

All these bitches be faking like they fucking with me (Yeah)

All these niggas be hating but they love my energy (They do)

You think you know but you don’t know nothing about me (No way)

You think you see but you can’t see nothing ’bout me (Nah) So what the fuck are y’all talking bout? (Bout?)

Ain’t nobody gon’ stop me from going where I wanna go (Nope)

Ain’t nobody gon’ stop me from being who I wanna be (No way)

Ain’t nobody gon’ stop me from doing what I wanna do (Do it)

So what the fuck are y’all talking bout? Huh?

2hoo NBA Youngboy Lyrics

I done made a lot of mistakes in my life

And I know that I ain’t perfect

But your love is perfect for me

And I just wanna be with you

No matter what nobody say, they can’t stop us

We gon’ be alright, we gon’ be alright

Just hold on, 2hoo NBA Youngboy

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The “nba youngboy – emo love lyrics” is a song by the rapper Nba Youngboy. The song is about his life as an emo and it’s musical style, which has been described as “emo rap”.

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