Nba Youngboy Footstep Lyrics

The NBA’s Youngboy is a rapper who was arrested for assault in New Orleans. He has since been released and his fans are still waiting to see him perform live.

The footsteps lyrics is a song by Nba Youngboy. It was released on his album, The Plug.

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50 Shots of NBA YoungBoy Lyrics Genius

I’m not the best, but I’m not the worst. I take 50 shots and that’s how I do it.

NBA Youngboy – 50 Shots Lyrics

I got 50 shots, I’ma need a body bag

Bitch I’m from the O-Block, we don’t need no flags

We just spray ’em up, let that motherfucker hang

And if he move funny, then his ass get thang’d

Ooh, ooh, 50 shots fired (brr)

I got 50 shots for anything that come my way (yeah)

I got 50 ways to have this motherfucking day (ooh)

And if you ain’t gon’ do nothing, nigga stay out my face (stay out my face)

‘Cause I might go and catch a case today (woah)

NBA Youngboy – Still Waiting Lyrics

I’m still waiting on my check

I’m still waiting on my check

I’m still waiting on my check

50 shots, I need that in a week

Still waiting on my check (X2)

I’m still waitin’, I’m still waitin’ (4x)

On that 50, give me 50 bands in a week (4x)

Still waitin’, I’m still waitin’ (4x)

On that 50, give me 50 bands in a week (4x)

NBA Youngboy – Still Waiting Lyrics:

I’m still waiting on my check

I’m still waiting on my check

I’m still waiting on my check

50 shots, I need that in a week

Still waiting on my check (X2)

chorus: Still waitin’, I’m still waitin’ (4x) On that 50, give me 50 bands in a week( 4x) verse 1: Look/ all this money they be makin’/ these niggas lyin’/ say they making millions/ when them figures adding up to hundreds/ shit is different/ and it’s really not amusing/ how you boast about what you doing with this drug money /like its nothing /you think its funny ? When the people you love get killed for some of that stuff you chuckle at ? When your son crying ,begging for his daddy ain’t come home in months because he out here getting high off the very same drugs he selling ?! It ain’t funny nigga , it ain’t amusing /and look at your daughter she 10 years old but her body shaped like she grown and it hurts cause she remind you of yourself when you was young and alone trying to find your way out the ghetto./And nobody would help so now whenever she asks for something and you can provide it ,you do without hesitation cause deep down inside all you want to do is see her happy . So excuse me if I seem unamused by your antics .It just really rubs me the wrong way when people take such a beautiful thing and turn into something so ugly.

NBA Youngboy – O-Block Lyrics

50 shots, I done emptied out the clip (Brrt)

Ooh, yeah, 50 shots for the opps (Brrt)

I was raised in the trap, so I can’t let nothin’ slip (No way)

My lil’ cousin he a opp, but I still show him love (‘Cause he my blood)

And all these bitches is thots, they gon’ do what I say (They do what I say)

All these niggas is broke and they can’t even pay (They can’t even pay)

And all these hoes keep callin’, but they can’t get no play (No way)

Ain’t nothin’ sweet about where I come from

It’s O-Block or die, that’s just how we’re raised

We don’t need no gun control

All we need is O-Block to stay alive

We keep our guns on us like it’s a holster

We got our finger on the trigger at all times

Cause round here everybody’s a target

And you never know when your time is gonna come

So if you see me in the street you best to move aside Or else you gon’ end up like one of them opps that died

NBA Youngboy – Genius Lyrics

I’m from the O-Block, I got 50 shots

I was raised in the ghetto, so I ain’t never gon’ stop

My mama told me never give up, now look at me, I made it to the top

All these haters in my way, but I’m still gon’ make it rain

They say it’s hard out here for a pimp, but I’m still ballin’ like a king

Cause ever since a youngin’, all I ever wanted was them bands

And all this money keep callin’, but it ain’t never gonna change me though

I know some people think they know me, but they really don’t know nothin’

But that’s okay, cause at the end of the day, only God knows everything

NBA Youngboy – 50 Shots NBA Lyrics

I spent a lot of time on the block, I swear it made me hard

I done seen some things that’ll make your heart stop

All my niggas with me, we don’t need no bodyguards

We gon’ do this shit regardless

50 shots, we gon’ let ’em fly (let ’em fly)

No matter who try to come at us, they gon’ die (they gon’ die)

It’s O-Block or nothin’, nigga, we ride (we ride)

And all my bitches with me and they lookin’ like models (like models)

Yeah, I’m from the bottom where them killers be lurkin’

They don’t know nothin’ ’bout no strugglin’, all they know is murkin’

You can tell by the way that I walk, I ain’t never had nothin’, yeah

All my dogs with me and they ready to bark (ready to bark)

And we keep dem thangs on us in case somebody try to start somethin’

ufffd ufffd ufffd ufffd ufffd ufffd Yeah

ufffd ufffd ufffd ufffd ufffd ufffd 50 shots for anybody playin’ with our heart

ufffd ufffd ufffd ufffd ufffd ufffd We been goin through this shit too long now it’s time to show em who we are

ufffd ufffd ufffd ufffd ufffd ufffd They say revenge is sweet so you know what time it is when Youngboy gettin hate

ufffd ufffd ufffd ufffd ufffd ufffd Tryna take food out yo mouth then you gotta eatLeadsufffdto homicide cases Nowadays people dyin over nothing But a penny worth of mollies So wrong but its still going on That’s why Ima ball till im gone Cause when i was broke All i ever wanted was a Rollie And once i got one Bitch im never leavin home without it Cause since 11 years old My dad told me watch yo mouth Watch who u talk to Dont trust nobody Dont love nobody He said son life full of drama Son life full of pain If he was here he wouldnt want u doin this shit But since hes gone guess ill have 2 do his job And if i catch yo ass slippin imma light yo ass up Like a motherfuckin candle in church Im finna show these motherfuckers what its really worth Fuck around and hit these mothafuckas where its really hurt Nigga im about tired of fuckin playin fair 50 shots for anybody playing wit my mind One call away wont hesitate 2 put em in they place Nba youngboy baby!

NBA Youngboy – Still Waiting NBA Lyrics

I’m still waiting, I’m still waiting

On a check, on a check

I’m still waiting, I’m still waiting

For my niggas to come home

They doing life, they doing life

And all this money ain’t shit

I know they need it more than me

But all this money ain’t shit

I got 50 shots in the chamber

And I ain’t even aiming at nobody

All these bitches be climbing on top of me But who gon’ catch me when I fall?

Money making my vision blurry Got my finger on the trigger and I’m ready to kill Somebody tell me what is life without no Limit? Bitch I been through some shit, yeah Ain’t no way you could imagine Nigga think he hard ’cause he rap and he swerve But that nigga soft as fuck Used to have to duck from them drug dealers Nowadays we don’t even touch ’em

NBA Youngboy – O-Block NBA Lyrics

I got 50 shots in the clip and I’m still waiting (Still waiting)

I got the block on lockdown, ain’t no escaping (No escaping)

You see that red dot, boy, you better start praying (Start praying)

My youngins’ hungry, they gon’ eat you like ravioli (Ravioli)

O-Block NBA, that’s where I stay (Where I stay)

And all my niggas down to ride ’til the day we die (‘Til we die)

We don’t need no handouts, we get it how we live (How we live)

And if it ever come down to it, nigga, I’ma die for mine (‘Die for mine)

Yeah, yeah

O-Block NBA

That’s where I stay

And all my niggas down to ride ’til the day we die

We don’t need no handouts; We get it how we live

And if it ever come down to it Nigga; Imma Die for Mine

NBA Youngboy – Genius NBA Lyrics

“50 shots, nah I ain’t stoppin’

I done came too far from the bottom

They don’t want me to ball, they just want me to fall

But I won’t let ’em stop me, I’ma shoot my 50 shots”

These lyrics are from NBA Youngboy’s song “Genius”, and they show his determination to succeed in spite of the odds. He’s come a long way from the bottom, and he’s not going to let anyone stop him from achieving his dreams. Despite the fact that people may not want him to succeed, he’s going to keep shooting until he makes it. These lyrics are inspirational and empowering, showing that with enough grit and determination, anyone can make it to the top.

The “youngboy hardest lyrics” is a song that has been released by Youngboy. The song includes the lyrics to Nba Youngboy Footstep.

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