Kickstand Nba Youngboy Lyrics

The rapper’s lyrics have been a source of controversy, with many saying that they glorify violence and drug use.

The nba youngboy all i need lyrics is a song by YoungBoy Never Broke Again. The song was released on the day of his debut album’s release, and has since been released as a single.

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Hey there, sports fans! As you know, the NBA Finals are heating up and we have some amazing young talent on display. One of these talented players is Youngboy Lyrics. He has a really unique sound and his lyrics are incredibly poetic. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next blog post, check out some of his Kickstand lyrics below.

Quicksand lyrics

I’m stuck in quicksand, trying to reach the top

But every time I try, I just keep sinking down

I need someone to pull me out before I drown

So please, won’t you be my life support?

I’ve been struggling for a while now

And I can’t seem to get ahead

No matter how hard I try, it feels like quicksand

I’m slowly sinking and I can’t escape

Help me before it’s too late

I don’t want to drown in this quicksand

Hold me NBA Youngboy

I need you to hold me, I can’t do this alone

I’m trying my hardest, but I keep sinking in quicksand

My life’s falling apart and I need your help

I know you’re busy, but please just take a minute

To listen to my story and help me out of this hole I’m in

I know I can make it if you give me a chance

Please just hold me NBA Youngboy

Your music is my life support

Kickstand lyrics youngboy genius

I’m a genius, I’m a youngboy

I know what I want and what I need

And I ain’t never gonna let nobody stop me

I’ma keep going ’til I reach the top

And if you don’t like it, you can just kickstand

I been through some hard times in my life

But I never let them get the best of me

No matter how many times I get knocked down

I always get back up again

‘Cause I’m a youngboy, and I got that fire in my soul

Life support lyrics

I’m on life support, I need you

I’m trying to stay alive for you

I know I ain’t perfect, but I promise

I’ll be worth it, just give me time

If you think that I’m not tryin’, then you’re lyin’

You know where I be at, come get me

Yeah, yeah

Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh

Baby please don’t cry (don’t cry)

I need you in my life (my life)

Life support lyrics:

These lines from the song “Life Support” by NBA Youngboy show the artist’s dedication to his partner. He talks about how he is struggling and imperfect but promises to be worth it if given time. He also admits that he knows he isn’t always easy to be with but pleads for his partner not to give up on him. Throughout the song, NBA Youngboy makes it clear that he needs his partner in his life.

Youngboy hardest lyrics

I done came up from nothin’, I’m a young boss

I was eatin’ out the garbage, now they talkin’ ’bout my taste (ha)

All this jewelry, it don’t mean nothin’, I’m still takin’ hits (hits)

You can see the pain in my eyes, but I still gotta smile for my kids (kids)

I know life is hard, but I ain’t gonna let it kick me while I’m down (down)

I might bend but I ain’t never gon’ break (break), oh-oh-ohhh


They tryna put me in a box with some other rappers that’s goin’ pop off quick then they poppin’ back If you think this rap shit is sweet then you prolly need sugarcoatin’ Life support, all my niggas on death wish My daughter look just like her daddy so she probably gon be badder than me Yeah, and if quicksand try to pull me under Imma build an empire and make sure that its bigger than yours

The “nba youngboy my shawty” is a song by YoungBoy Never Broke Again. The song was released on January 3rd, 2017.

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