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How I been NBA lyrics- A quick look

The National Basketball Association, or NBA, is a professional basketball league in North America. It is composed of 30 teams, 29 from the United States and 1 from Canada. The NBA is widely considered to be the premier professional basketball league in the world.

The lyrics to the NBA song are as follows:

“I been to the mountaintop,
I been in the valley low,
I seen ’em both from where I stand,
And I can tell you this for sure:
The game of basketball, it is pure magic,
And I just love to play it so!

So bring on those teams from overseas,
We’ll show ’em how to really play!
The game was invented here in the U.S.A.,
And we’re gonna keep it that way!

The Final Score.”

How I been NBA lyrics- The meaning

The song “How I Been” by NBA Youngboy is a motivational anthem about his rise to fame. He reflects on how far he’s come and how much harder he’s worked than anyone else. He talks about his struggles and how they’ve made him stronger. He also talks about the people who doubted him and how he’s proved them wrong. The song is an inspirational piece about never giving up on your dreams and working hard to achieve them.

How I been NBA lyrics- The story

The well-known rap song “How I Been” by NBA Youngboy, is a story about the rapper’s life journey and how he’s been through many struggles. The lyrics tell a story of how he was raised in poverty, involved in gangs and drug dealing, and faced many challenges throughout his life. Despite all of this, he has still managed to become a successful artist and rapper. The song is an inspirational tale of how anyone can overcome their circumstances and achieve success.

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How I been NBA lyrics- The analysis

The How I Been NBA lyrics are a set of rap lyrics by artist Drake. The lyrics spoke about how the NBA had changed over the years, and how the artist felt about it. The following is a analysis of the lyrics:

“How I been NBA, like Mike Jordan couldn’t make sense of it
You know back in his day, they had real tough defense
Now all we see is dunks and three pointers
Ain’t none of that mid range”

Drake is talking about how the game has changed from when Michael Jordan played in the 90s. He notes that there was more tough defense back then, and that now all players seem to do is dunk and shoot threes. He laments the lack of mid-range game in today’s NBA.

How I been NBA lyrics- The reviews

The How I Been NBA Lyrics is one of the most popular songs of recent times. The song has been composed by Lil Wayne and is about the National Basketball Association. The How I Been NBA Lyrics has been praised by many for its catchy tunes and lyrics.

How I been NBA lyrics- The controversy

How I Been is a rap song by BlocBoy JB featuring Drake. The lyrics to the song include a line that has been interpreted as NBA Youngboy bragging about shooting and killing someone. This has caused controversy, with some people arguing that the song glorifies violence.

How I been NBA lyrics- The legacy

I been NBA, I been ballin’ hard
I been workin’ hard, I been puttin’ in them hours
I been travelin’ all around the world
spreadin’ my love for the game
I been to every city, every town
tryin’ta get better each and every day
Now they all know my name
and they love to see me play
They say I’m the best they ever seen
And I just gotta say
That it feels pretty good to be loved that way

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How I been NBA lyrics- The influence

The NBA has a long-standing influence on music, with countless songs containing references to basketball. Rapper Lil Wayne is no exception, and his 2009 song “How I Been” is full of references to NBA players, teams, and moments.

The song begins with a reference to Kobe Bryant, who is mentioned by name in the opening line. Wayne also name-drops Shaquille O’Neal, LeBron James, and Dwyane Wade throughout the song. Other basketball references include the Los Angeles Lakers, the Boston Celtics, and the phrase “ballin’ like Mike.”

While many of these references are sure to be lost on non-basketball fans, they serve as a reminder of the impact that the NBA has had on popular culture.

How I been NBA lyrics- The interpretation

How I Been is a popular song by NBA Youngboy. The lyrics of the song are often interpreted to be about the struggles of growing up in poverty and violence.

How I been NBA lyrics- The message

How I been NBA lyrics are a great way to show support for your favorite team. They can also be used to show how much you know about the game of basketball. There are many different ways to interpret these lyrics, but the most common message is that the NBA is a great place to be. Many people believe that the NBA is a place where people of all races and backgrounds can come together and play the game of basketball. These lyrics can also be used to show how proud you are of your favorite team or player.

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