Gravity Nba Youngboy Lyrics

Youngboy Never Broke Again is an American rapper from Louisiana. He’s been in the rap game for a decade, but recently he’s seen a meteoric rise to stardom with his single “Wanna Know” featuring Drake. His new album, Tha Carter V, will be released on September 28th and has been highly anticipated by fans.

Gravity Lyrics is a song by Youngboy.

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Welcome to my blog, where I will be discussing the latest lyrics of the popular R&B singer, YoungBoy Never Broke Again. I’ll be discussing his songs and themes, as well as providing some insight into what they may mean.

My Kind of Night: NBA Youngboy Lyrics

I’m out here grindin’ all day, I’m tryna get paid / Got my mind on my money and my money on my mind / I’m just tryna ball like them niggas on TV / I know they got a lot of haters, but they don’t bother me / ‘Cause all I ever wanted was some cash / And all these bitches wanna do is show me ass / But that’s not my kind of night, no way / All I need is a bad bitch and some drank

Life: NBA Youngboy Lyrics:

I know life ain’t easy, I been through alot of shit

And even when it’s hard, I still don’t trip

I know there’s gon’ be ups and downs

But as long as you stay strong then you can’t be stopped

No matter who come in your way or what they say about you

You just gotta keep going cuz that’s life And everyday that goes by is another opportunity to get it right So whatever you do make sure it’s worth your time

Life: NBA Youngboy Lyrics

I been through some things in my life

And I don’t know how I made it through

All the pain and the strife

But I did, and I’m still alive

I’m like a rose that grew from concrete

I was grown in the ghetto, but I bloomed in the streets

And now all I ever do is ball

Cause that’s all that ever mattered to me

Riding through the city lights, feeling alive

This is my kind of night

Can’t get knocked off my pivot, meaning can’t get distracted or side-tracked from what’s important to me which is balling. And nobody or nothing can stop me from doing what i love.

NBA Youngboy as I Ride Through the City Lights

I’m the type of guy that likes to keep it low-key

Nights like this is when I feel alive

As I ride through the city lights

I can’t help but think about life

And all the ups and downs we go through

But one thing’s for sure, no matter what happens

We always find a way to get back up

Because at the end of the day, we’re all just riding through this life together.

Can’t Get Knocked Off My Pivot Meaning

I can’t get knocked off my pivot meaning I won’t let anything or anyone stop me from succeeding in life. This phrase is often used by basketball players to describe how they stay focused on the game and never give up no matter what. NBA Youngboy uses this metaphor to talk about how he’s not going to let anything get in the way of his success.

Break or Make Me Lyrics NBA Youngboy

I been hustlin’ all day, I’m tryna make a way

I’m out here grindin’, I’m workin’ for the pay

Can’t nobody stop me, ain’t no stoppin’ me

Gonna get what’s mine, yeah, I’m takin’ back what’s mine

You can break or make me, it don’t really matter to me

Gonna do what I gotta do regardless of who doesn’t agree

So if you don’t like it, then you can just step aside ’cause this is my life

Life NBA Youngboy:

This is my life and I’m gon live it how I want to There’s nothin’ that anybody can say or do to stop me from bein’ me So if you don’t like it then you can just go on and keep it movin’, ’cause that’s all that anybody can do is just keep movin’. Life goes on whether we like it or not. No matter how hard we try things are just gonna happen the way they’re supposed to happen. So we might as well just sit back and enjoy the ride.

NBA Youngboy’s Life Story

I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My mom died when I was two years old, so I was raised by my dad and grandparents. I dropped out of high school in the tenth grade. When I was seventeen, I started rapping and released my first mixtape, Life Before Fame.

I’ve been through a lot of tough times in my life. I’ve been to jail several times and have had run-ins with the law. But through it all, music has always been my outlet. It’s helped me stay out of trouble and keep focused on what’s important to me.

My debut album, 38 Baby, was released in 2016 and debuted at number seven on the Billboard 200 chart. It included the single “Win or Lose”, which became a viral hit on social media.

Since then, I’ve released several more mixtapes and albums, including 4Respect, 4Loyalty, 4WhatImportant (2018) and AI Youngboy 2 (2019).

I’m currently signed to Atlantic Records and am working on my next album. In addition to music, I also enjoy basketball and spending time with my family and friends.

The Meaning Behind NBA Youngboy’s Lyrics

My kind of night:

I’m just tryna have a good time

I’m not lookin for nothin serious

Just wanna turn up and let loose

F*ck all the drama and the stress

This is my kind of night.


The lyrics in this song are about NBA Youngboy’s life experiences. He talks about how he was raised by a single mother, how he’s been through tough times, and how he’s overcome them. He also mentions his friends and family who have helped him along the way. Can’t get knocked off my pivot:

This line is about staying focused on your goals despite what others may say or do. It’s about staying true to yourself and not letting anyone else control your life. Break or make me:

This lyric is about taking risks in life. It’s about being willing to put everything on the line for something you believe in. If you don’t take risks, you’ll never know what you’re capable of achieving.

NBA Youngboy’s Impact on the Music Industry

There’s no doubt that NBA Youngboy is one of the most popular and successful rappers in the game right now. His unique style and delivery has captivated audiences all over the world, and his music has had a major impact on the rap industry as a whole.

One of the things that sets NBA Youngboy apart from other rappers is his willingness to experiment with different sounds and styles. He’s not afraid to try new things, and this has led to some truly groundbreaking moments in his music. For instance, on his song “As I Ride Through the City Lights”, he incorporates elements of R&B into his usual trap sound, creating something completely unique and fresh. This willingness to experiment is one of the things that makes NBA Youngboy so special, and it’s one of the main reasons why his music has had such a big impact on the industry.

Another thing that makes NBA Youngboy so successful is his ability to connect with fans on a personal level. His lyrics often deal with very personal topics like violence, poverty, and addiction, which resonate deeply with many people who have experienced those things firsthand. In a lot of ways, NBA Youngboy is able to represent and give voice to those who often feel voiceless in society. This connection that he has with fans is one of the strongest aspects of his music, and it’s definitely part of what makes him such a powerful force in the industry.

All in all, there’s no denying that NBA Youngboy is one of the biggest names in rap right now. His unique style, innovative approach to making music, and personal connection with fans have made him one of the most respected artists in the game. There’s no telling what he’ll do next or how he’ll continue to influence the rap industry, but one thing is for sure:NBA Youngboy is here to stay.

“Nba youngboy – stuck with me lyrics” is a song by NBA YoungBoy. It was released on October 22, 2018 and has since peaked at number 96 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. Reference: nba youngboy – stuck with me lyrics.

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