Why OG Anunoby Should Not be a Top-5 Pick–But Should Go in the Top-10

I went deep on OG Anunoby’s very interesting profile: https://medium.com/@jzmazlish/why-og-anunoby-should-not-be-a-top-5-pick-but-should-go-in-the-top-10-564dd7408037


Coming to the Church of Lonzo

In relatively sad news, I will be moving this blog to a Medium account. Medium allows me to embed streamable videos more easily, and I enjoy the cleaner interface. For at least my next few Medium posts I will still post the links here, in order to keep up an archive.

For this post, I wrote a lengthy two-part breakdown of Lonzo Ball’s game. Part one focuses on his passing, while part two focuses on the rest of his game. In doing so, I explain why I am very high on Lonzo Ball.