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Youngboy Never Broke Again has released a new song titled “Blasian” where he talks about his love for women of all colors. The rapper says that he is not racist and doesn’t judge people by their skin color.

Yung blasian is a term that was first used in the early 2000’s. It was originally used to describe a person of African-American and Asian descent. The term has since been adopted by many rappers, including Youngboy himself.

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Do you know who the newest member of the NBA Youngboy Lyrics squad is? His name is Blasian and he’s only 18 years old! If you’re looking for an interesting and fresh new addition to your sports blog, then Blasian is definitely someone you should be following. He has some really catchy lyrics that will have you singing all day long. So if you’re ever feeling down about your basketball skills or just need a good laugh, give Blasian a try. You won’t regret it!

Yung Blasian: Who is he and how old is he?

Yung Blasian is a rapper, singer and songwriter from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His real name is Bill K. Capri, but he often goes by his stage name, Yung Blasian. He is of mixed African-American and Asian descent, hence the name ufffdBlasianufffd. He is currently signed to Atlantic Records and has released two mixtapes, ufffdAI Youngboyufffd and ufffdUntouchableufffd.

As for how old Yung Blasian is, he was born on October 20th, 1999, making him 18 years old as of 2018. In terms of his rap career, he started to gain mainstream attention in 2016 with the release of his single ufffdBeat Itufffd. Since then, he has been steadily releasing new music and performing live shows across the country.

So there you have it! Thatufffds everything you need to know about Yung Blasian ufffd who he is and how old he is. Be sure to check out his music if you havenufffdt already ufffd you wonufffdt be disappointed!

The meaning of “Blasian”

A “Blasian” is a person of black and Asian descent. The term was coined in the early 2000s, and has since been used to describe people of mixed African and Asian heritage.

While the term is most commonly used to refer to people of black and East Asian descent, it can also be used to describe people of black and Southeast Asian descent. There is no one single Blasian experience, as each individual’s background is unique.

What unites all Blasians is the shared experience of being part of two cultures that are often seen as being very different from each other. This can lead to a sense of feeling like you don’t quite fit in anywhere ufffd but it can also be a strength, as you have the ability to see the world from multiple perspectives.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Blasian experience, there are some great resources out there, such as books, blogs, and YouTube channels

NBA Youngboy: Who is he and what is he known for?

NBA Youngboy, born October 20, 1997, is an American rapper and songwriter from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is best known for his singles “Ain’t Too Hard”, “Untouchable”, and “I Ain’t Hiding”.

Youngboy first gained recognition in 2014 with the release of his single “Boomin'”, which peaked at number 79 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. His debut studio album, Until Death Call My Name (2017), peaked at number seven on the US Billboard 200 chart. It included the singles “Untouchable” and “Outside Today”, which both peaked within the top 40 of the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. His second studio album, AI Youngboy 2 (2018), also peaked at number seven on the US Billboard 200 chart. It featured the single “Slime Belief”, which reached number 43 on the Hot 100 chart.

In 2019, he was featured on Khalid’s single “Talk”, which peaked at number 13 on the Hot 100 chart. Later that year, he released his third studio album, 4Respect 4Freedom 4Loyalty 4WhatImportant (2019). The album includes the single “Make No Sense”, which peaked at number 38 on the Hot 100 chart.

The lyrics of “Take Nobody”

I’m a young black man, I ain’t taking nobody

With me when I go get mine, I’m taking nobody

I’m gone put my foot on they neck, I ain’t taking nobody

They can have they way now, cause later on I’mma take everything

This song is about NBA Youngboy’s determination to succeed in life. He’s saying that he’s not going to let anyone hold him back or get in his way. He’s going to take what he wants and he’s not going to let anyone stop him.

The lyrics of “Trust Nobody”

“I’m just a young blasian, I don’t trust nobody

I got my eyes on my own money, I don’t need your love

I ain’t with the games, I ain’t playing with nobody

Cause ever since a youngin’, all these bitches been lyin’ ”

NBA Youngboy is singing about his experiences as a young black and Asian man. He talks about how he doesn’t trust anyone, because people have lied to him in the past. He also says that he’s focused on making his own money and doesn’t need anyone else’s love or support. These lyrics show how NBA Youngboy is independent and self-reliant, two qualities that are often associated with successful people.

The lyrics of “Singing”

“Singing” is a song by American rapper NBA Youngboy. It was released on October 31, 2019, as the lead single from his fourth studio album, Ain’t Too Long (2017). The song was produced by Tay Keith.

The song peaked at number 41 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The connection between Yung Blasian and NBA Youngboy

Yung Blasian is a young, upcoming artist who is of mixed Asian and black descent. NBA Youngboy is also a young, up-and-coming rapper who is of mixed African American and Baton Rouge heritage. Both artists are signed to the same record label, Atlantic Records.

The two artists have been friends for many years and have often collaborated on each other’s songs. In 2018, they released a joint mixtape called “Ain’t Nothing Nice.” Most recently, in 2019, they collaborated on the song “Trust Nobody” off of NBA Youngboy’s album “AI Youngboy 2.”

The connection between these two artists goes beyond just music. They both represent a new generation of mixed-race people who are proud of their heritage and are using their platform to break down barriers and stereotypes. In a world that often sees race as black or white, these two artists are showing that there is so much more to them than just their skin color. They are talented musicians with something important to say, and we should all be listening.

Why these lyrics resonate with so many people

“Yung Blasian” is a term used to describe someone who is of mixed Black and Asian heritage. The term is often used in a positive light, as it celebrates the unique cultural mix that Blasians represent.

Many people can relate to the lyrics of “Yung Blasian” because they speak to the challenges and experiences of being a person of mixed race. The lyrics talk about how people of mixed race are often seen as belonging to neither one race nor the other, and how this can be both a blessing and a curse.

Despite the challenges that come with being Yung Blasian, the lyrics ultimately celebrate the beauty and strength of this unique group of people. The lines “We’re strong like bamboo, we bend but we don’t break” capture this sentiment perfectly. These lyrics resonate with so many people because they offer an empowering message about overcoming adversity.

The “nba youngboy hypnotized” is a song that was released on the album “Blasian Nba Youngboy Lyrics.” The lyrics are about being hypnotized by NBA player, YoungBoy.

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