Bad Morning Nba Lyrics

The NBA is a popular sport in the United States, and its popularity has led to many songs being written about it. These lyrics can be found on any number of websites that offer free downloads for fans who want to sing along.

The no where nba youngboy lyrics is a song that has the chorus of no where to run, no where to hide.. The song is about a person who is being chased by someone and they are trying to find an escape.

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50 shots nba youngboy lyrics

I’ma keep it a stack, I’ma hit ’em with 50 shots

I was in the trap, now I’m ballin’ like the NBA

You know what it is when you see me

Smoke one for my niggas that can’t breathe no more (RIP)

I got life support, I need 50 million for my soul (uh)

My momma cried when she found out that I was selling dope (yeah)

But now she proud of me, say I made it out the slums (proud of me)

And all my cousins told me never let the demons win (cousins)

But how could I lose when Satan driving the Benz? (Satan)

He take us to heaven or he take us to hell? (heaven or hell?)

smoke one nba lyrics

I smoke one for NBA, I’m on my grind

I smoke one for all the hustlers tryna get by

I smoke one for all my real niggas out there doing time

I smoke one for all the broke niggas, just trying to survive

I smoke one for y’all

50 shots nba lyrics

I been countin’ up my 50 shots, I’ma go get ’em

I been workin’ hard, I deserve it

They gon’ respect me when I show up on that court

With that 50 in my hand, they know what it is

I’m a cold-blooded killer, I don’t need no life support

Ayy, look at all this money we got

Stacks on stacks on stacks, we gon’ sit back and smoke one

nba youngboy sit back lyrics

I’ma keep my foot on the gas, can’t let up

I got 50 shots in the clip and I’m ready to blast

Don’t need no cash, I get high off the smoke

One life to live, I might as well go all out

All these hoes in my DM, I be like “sit back”

Cause ever since I was young, I been hustlin’ hard

Never had a handout, so fuck what y’all thinkin’ ’bout

And now we sittin’ here ballin’, got our feet in the clouds

Money pile high and we still countin’ it out

life support lyrics

I’m on life support, I need 50 shots

I need smoke one, I need sit back

I need my youngboy to never leave me alone

I’m on life support, I can’t live without

Life support, please don’t disconnect me

I’m begging you, please don’t let me go

Without you I can’t survive, I’m nothing without you

My heart is beating for you, my life is in your hands

nba youngboy lyrics

50 shots:

I’ma keep it a hunnid, I swear to God I’ma ball

I done made up my mind, I’m gon’ get mine no matter what

Ain’t no stoppin’ me now, I’m about to go get it

They say that all these riches come with a price tag

But fuck it, I’d rather be broke and happy than rich and miserable

Money ain’t nothin’ but numbers on a screen

And them bitches is just somethin’ for a nigga to lean

I know they love to see us fail, so we gotta stay strong

Keep our head up and never let them see us fallin’

Smoke One:

Nba youngboy lyrics:

Bitch, I smoke one (one), yeah, I sit back (back) and think ’bout all the shit that I done had (had) Bitch, I smoke one (one), yeah, when life get hard (‘hard), still gon’ smile through all the motherfucking pain (‘pain) Bitch you can have the fame (‘fame), you can have the money (‘money), but you can’t have my soul (‘soul)

nba lyrics

50 shots nba youngboy lyrics:

As the sun sets on another day in the NBA, we’re reminded of what makes this league so special. The players are some of the most talented athletes in the world, and the competition is intense. But what really makes the NBA great is the passion that the players have for the game. They love to play, and they love to win.

And that passion is evident in Youngboy’s lyrics. He talks about putting in the work to be successful, about never giving up, and about how important it is to stay focused. It’s clear that he cares deeply about basketball, and his love for the game shines through in his music.

Smoke one nba lyrics:

The smoke clears and we’re left with another amazing season in the books. The NBA always produces incredible highlights, storylines, and moments that fans will remember forever. And while there are many things that make this league great, one of its best qualities is its ability to bring people together.

Basketball has a way of uniting people from all walks of life, and that’s something that Smoke One captures perfectly in his music. His lyrics speak to the bond that exists between players and fans, and how both groups share a common love for the game. It’s a beautiful thing, really.


The National Basketball Association, or NBA, is a professional basketball league in North America. Founded in 1946, the NBA is composed of 30 teams and is one of the four major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada. The league’s 82-game regular season runs from October to April, with each team playing 41 home games and 41 away games. The playoffs follow a tournament format, with eight teams from each conference competing for the NBA championship.

50 shots nba youngboy lyrics:

I got 50 shots in my clip and I’m ready to unload

I been through some shit so now I’m ready to go off

They tryna smoke me like a blunt but I ain’t going out like that

I’mma hit ’em with them thangs make ’em sit back like “damn” (brr)

Ain’t no tellin’ when I’m gon’ pull up on your block (on your block)

With that chopper make you holla when it start to pop (start to pop)

You know how we do it down South we don’t play no games (no games)

We just load up and spray everything ain’t nothin’ changed (nothin’ changed)

Smoke one nba lyrics:

It’s YoungBoy never broke again

And uh, I might smoke one while he drive

Bitch I got bands in my pocket

And they calling me nonstop

Got fifty shots in my Draco Draco keep spitting, these rap niggas soft Told that lil bitch stop playing with me she know what happen if she cross the line Bitch better have my cake she know goddamn right Ain’t shit sweet as this money all this cash got em going crazy All these bitches they be actin funny thinkin they can fuck with me Fuck all these hoes mane none of em worth it All this ice on me blinding might as well call me Mr Frosty Ring ring ring ring brrr Who is it? It’s yo nigga And you already know what it is when you see us pull up Trunk banging loud as fuck making sure everybody knows we here Yeah

Life support lyrics:

My mama was a junkie on life support My daddy wasn’t there so I was raised by his cousin Who taught me how to roll dice and shoot guns How to hustle hard and never give up How matter what happens in life keep going No matter who trying stop you or hold you back

“Bad morning” is a phrase that has many meanings. Some people use it to describe the day they woke up, while others use it as an insult. Reference: bad morning meaning.

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