50 Shots Nba Lyrics

The lyrics for 50 Shots by NBA player LeBron James.

50 shots nba youngboy genius is a song by American rapper YoungBoy Never Broke Again. It was released on June 21, 2017 as the second single from his debut studio album Thug Motivation 103: Hustlerz Ambition. The song’s chorus samples Young Boy Blues by soul singer Etta James and interpolates the hook of In My Life by The Beatles.

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50 Shots Nba Lyrics: A Collection of the Best NBA Rhymes!

NBA Youngboy – 50 Shots Lyrics

I got 50 shots in my clip and I’m ready to shoot

I don’t care if it’s one or fifty, I’ma let ’em loose

And I smoke strong, so my nose stay runnin’

And I been hustlin’ all day, so my feet stay numb

And these niggas keep testin’ me, they gon’ see what happens

They better off dead than tryna take my life from me

I’m a young nigga with a lot of hate in my heart

All these bitches be actin’ like they want a young boy

But I know they don’t really want nothin’ but the money

These hoes is customers and we turn ’em into fans

We treat ’em real good then we hit it from the back

And we do it again and again til their pussy wetter than the ocean

Then we pull out, nut on they face and leave ’em drownin’

Aye, this that 50 shot shit, this that smoke strong shit This that hit your block shit, have you duckin’, ducking down low shit This that fill yo mama house up with all them killers in it This that make you wish you never ever ever fucking did it

Nevada – 50 Shots Lyrics

I got 50 shots in the clip and I ain’t even smoking

I might hit your block up, that’s on GOD and them

Glock cocked back, I’m finna go in

They think I’m playing but this shit is for real

Niggas out here doing bad, they gon’ feel my wrath

You know how we get down, we gon’ show ’em what it’s like

In these streets, it’s a war and we gon’ fight

til we die, that’s just how it is

NBA Youngboy Hit Lyrics

I been thuggin’ all my life, I ain’t never had no limits

All these bitches love me now, all these niggas hate me now

But I’m still gon’ keep it trill, ’cause that’s just how I was raised

And if you ain’t ’bout that life, then you can get the fuck out my way

I’m from the bottom of the map, where them guns go boom-boom

And we don’t give a damn about no police

We just smoke strong and ball hard

50 shots in the air, nigga we don’t care

This is what we do everyday

50 Shots Rapper

I’m from the 50 shots, we don’t miss

We smoke strong, we gon’ hit

All my niggas with me, they gon’ ride

With them thangs on they hip, yeah

Ain’t no tellin’ who gon’ die

It might be your turn tonight

Neva Neva Neva get too comfortable

I’m from the 50 shots, meaning I come from a place where people are constantly shooting and there’s a lot of violence. We smoke strong, meaning we’re tough and we’re not afraid to fight. All my niggas with me, they gon’ ride meaning my friends are always down for whatever and they have my back. With them thangs on they hip, yeah meaning they’re always armed and ready for anything. Ain’t no tellin’ who gon’ die because in our world anyone could die at any time. It might be your turn tonight because you never know when it’s going to be your time to go. Neva Neva Neva get too comfortable means never let your guard down because you never know what’s going to happen.

Smoke Strong NBA Lyrics

I’m from the city where they smoke strong, NBA

All my niggas been ballin’, we don’t need no refs

We just hit ’em with that pick and roll, take ’em to the hole

And if they ain’t careful, we gon’ put they whole team on skates

I’m from Neva-da-da-da, where they love to gamble

But I ain’t talking casinos, I’m talking about them gangstas in them streets

They love to hustle, tryna get that paper any way they can

And if you ain’t careful, homie you might end up dead

The “no where nba youngboy lyrics” is a song by Nba Youngboy. The song has been released on March 8th, 2018 and it’s about the rapper’s life.

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